What is Interpole?

Interpole is an Inter-Networking Solutions Company, formed to deliver top-of-the-line technologies in a fast and cost-effective manner to enterprise customers as well as to small and mid-sized businesses. As the name suggests, the company has been established with an aim to provide Internet, Intranet and Extranet solutions to corporates and SME businesses spanning across the two poles on earth. Companies are turning to Interpole to outsource their information technology needs.

From its early involvement in the Data communications industry, the transition to becoming an Internet and Intranet Company has been a natural one for Interpole. With an impressive customer base between the Private as well as the Public Sectors, Interpole Solutions has made significant progress in all areas of the Internet related market. Activties of the company include shared Web hosting and domain registration services, dedicated server leasing, and administration, Email and Internet Gateway setup for corporates, VPN and WAN, Portal Mail services,

High availability clustered server solutions for mission critical applications, Reverse proxy acceleration setup for portals, web casting on Real and WMA formats, Security Auditing and monitoring, etc. The company works on application development projects based on PHP, ASP, Perl, MySQL and MS SQL. These are constantly upgraded and projects based on newer technologies carried out depending on market development. Interpole is steadily moving in order to position itself as an Application Service Provider, Network Solutions Provider and a software development outfit.